The Gentle Reminders series was birthed from a place of vulnerability. Drawn from my own struggle over the years with depression and anxiety, where I managed to find consistent comfort and healing in words. The use of positive affirmations on a daily basis helped my thoughts to turn from habitually struggling ones, to those that were helpful and hopeful. In short these words brought light to my heart, and inevitable life to our family.

So in essence these Gentle Reminders are those things we all need. To nudge us in the direction we have already decided to set our souls to, but tend to forget because we feel overwhelmed or distracted, full of anxiety or riddled with self-doubt.

I produced these small A5 pieces, because I know from my own life experience how important it is to be reminded of what we already know. Our minds can be such fickle things… so easily plagued by thoughts we don’t want to spend time battling with.

I trust that you will truly enjoy your ‘Gentle Reminder’… that it will resonate with your soul and serve to breathe life into the ins-and-outs of your days.

Gentle Reminder Series I