Simply put, pressing flowers, plants and petals is an act of preservation. It is something which has been done for hundreds and hundreds of years and throughout different civilisations.

These days the act of pressing flowers is considered nostalgic as people remember putting flowers within the pages of books as children, and delightedly rediscovering their forgotten treasure some weeks later. Due to the fast paced society that we live in today, flower pressing is no longer seen as a pastime (generally speaking)… it is an act that takes time, which is a luxury that many of us simply do not have.

How I see it, to press flowers is to pursue beauty. Taking something which magically radiates its own unwavering truth, and stopping it in it’s tracks; immortalising it, if you will. The specimen speaks for itself… it’s structure, ¬†architecture, colour, transparency, intensity. Fascinating.

Taking it a step further is to create something else from these forms. To celebrate with them, to empower them to add to a greater whole. Which is where the design of floral collages and the art of bringing these forms together takes flight. Delightful.

Botanical specimens

Pressed flower art